In 2018, when I was just 16, something truly extraordinary happened. I was watching a video by Pastor Marcus Rogers that set my soul on fire. It was like the Holy Spirit reached out and touched me in a profound way. I found myself having a heartfelt conversation with God, pacing from the kitchen to the living room, lost in thought about the state of our world.

I started talking about this paradox that surrounds us—how our world is filled with those who follow like sheep, and others who pretend to be harmless but are actually wolves in sheep's clothing, deceiving and misleading. The sheep, unknowingly led astray, seem oblivious to the truth. It's like we're all living in a place where lies have become the norm, and we're blindfolded to reality, whether we know it or not.

In that very moment, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. It felt like the first time I stumbled upon diamonds in Minecraft—utter awe and amazement. I scoured the internet and found no trace of 'Blindfoldedworld.' Oddly enough, starting a clothing brand wasn't even on my mind, but I felt this undeniable urge to safeguard that name, convinced that God had a plan.

Jump ahead to 2020, I'm 18 now, working at FedEx, and I find myself at a crossroads, unsure where to steer my brand. So, I turned to prayer, seeking divine guidance, and had an honest heart-to-heart with God. I didn't want just another run-of-the-mill Christian clothing brand; I thought those were kind of clichéd.

One restless night, while stretched out on my grandma's couch, I prayed again, craving inspiration. Out of the blue, I heard a whisper: 'Blindfoldedworld.' That moment was pure elation. I embraced this divine signpost, hungry to dig deeper into its meaning. God spoke, we live in a world full of lies when told the truth we are blind. It took some soul-searching, but the message finally clicked.

Eager to share this truth with the world, I questioned God on how to illuminate the blind. The response was succinct yet powerful: 'Diamonds.' The idea clicked instantly—our fascination with all things shiny, captivating. That's when the notion of rhinestones took root in my mind. These sparkling gems could serve as more than embellishments; they could be a gateway to open conversations and convey the essence of Blindfoldedworld.

And thus, Blindfoldedworld was born—a brand not merely bound to fashion, but a movement aimed at unmasking truth within layers of deception. Rhinestones became our emblem, an invitation to delve into discussions, to peel back the veils shrouding reality. Our journey is an odyssey of faith, authenticity, and an unshakable belief that awakening to the truth can dismantle the blindfolds that obscure our vision.

As we move forward, we remain resolute in our purpose—a purpose that's deeply rooted in a higher calling to shed light on the world, one rhinestone at a time. Our goal? To create a community where truth shines brightly, and deception finds no place to hide.

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